Code of Conduct

Last updated December 23, 2021

Earn Haus strives to offer the best way for people to get paid for taking surveys online by sharing their opinion. Our members enjoy our service because an opinion doesn't cost them anything – except for time, attention, and honesty.

The answers you provide – collectively referred to by Market Research agencies as "insights" – are valuable, as long as you are also providing the things required of you: focused attention and honesty.

In the interest of fostering an environment that facilitates the sharing of high quality insights, all members must pledge to honestly and attentively participate in all earning opportunities.

Your ability to be eligible to participate in the earning opportunities and redeem rewards for your efforts are contingent on your compliance with this code of conduct.

Our Standards

Examples of behavior that contribute to creating an environment that is in accordance with this Code of Conduct:

  • Answering all questions honestly, including your Earn Haus profile, demographic prescreener questions, and all survey questions
  • Carefully reading each question you are asked and reviewing all available options before answering
  • Typing thoughtful responses when asked for written responses, with sufficient detail as required
  • Participating in one survey at a time

Examples of behavior that is unacceptable includes:

  • Providing inconsistent or dishonest answers
  • Not paying attention to the questions being asked, or the answer options presented
  • Participating in more than one survey simultaneously
  • Completing a survey in significantly less time than should be required
  • Using a VPN or Proxy connection while taking a survey
  • Manipulating or tampering with the survey URL
  • Attempting to skip through the survey without answering completely
  • Inputting nonsensical or insufficient answers to written response questions


In order for us to provide you with access to these surveys, we work closely with the Market Research agencies that provide these opportunities to identify users who provide insights that don't meet their quality standards, and to limit or restrict their ability to participate in their surveys in the future.

Members whose survey responses are identified as being low quality, or who do not adhere to this code of conduct, will be restricted from participating and are subject to temporary or permanent suspension, and any unredeemed rewards or progress towards unredeemed rewards may be forfeited and unredeemable.