Here's a list of the top 10 Fast Food Apps who offer free food coupons, discounts, and more!

1. McDonald's App: The McDonald's app often offers exclusive deals, promotions, and the ability to customize and order your meals. It also includes a rewards program in many regions.

2. Starbucks App: The Starbucks app allows you to order and pay for your drinks and food items in advance, skip the line, and earn rewards for future purchases.

3. Burger King App: Similar to other fast food apps, the Burger King app provides access to discounts, special offers, and the convenience of mobile ordering.

4. Domino's App: The Domino's app lets you order pizzas and other menu items with ease. It often features real-time tracking of your order and exclusive discounts.

5. Subway App: The Subway app allows you to customize and order your sandwiches ahead of time, and it may provide access to loyalty rewards and promotions.

6. Chick-fil-A App: This app may offer mobile ordering, special promotions, and an integrated rewards program for frequent customers.

7. Taco Bell App: The Taco Bell app often provides exclusive offers and the ability to customize your orders. It also has a rewards system.

8. Wendy's App: Wendy's app offers mobile ordering, promotions, and sometimes unique offers available only through the app.

9. Panera Bread App: The Panera Bread app includes the option to order ahead, customize meals, and join the MyPanera rewards program.

10. Dunkin' App: The Dunkin' app offers the convenience of mobile ordering, personalized deals, and the DD Perks rewards program.

Keep in mind that features and popularity can vary by region, and new apps or updates might have emerged. It's a good idea to check app stores, online reviews, and official websites for the most current information on fast food apps, their features and benefits. Which one is your favorite?