Secret Hopper is a mystery shopping service focused primarily on the craft beer industry.

Essentially, it's like many other mystery shopping programs, but with a specific focus on breweries. The idea is that breweries can get unbiased feedback on their services, the environment, beer quality, and overall customer experience.

How it works:

1. You sign up with Secret Hopper as a mystery shopper which includes signing a Independent Contractor Agreement.

2. You get assigned to visit specific breweries.

3. You follow the guidelines provided for your visit, which might involve ordering specific items, evaluating the cleanliness of the establishment, assessing staff knowledge, etc.

4. After your visit, you provide detailed feedback based on your experience.

5. You get compensated for your time and the expenses you had during the visit.

Tip: The more detailed your writing samples, the more likely you will be selected for a future Secret Hop.

The payment can vary based on the assignment and the specifics of what you're asked to evaluate. On average, the compensation might cover the cost of the beer(s) or items you purchased and sometimes a little extra. However, it's essential to see mystery shopping, especially in niche areas like breweries, as more of a way to enjoy experiences at a reduced cost rather than a consistent money-making opportunity. Secret Hopper states that is not a way to make money, but a fun way to fund your craft beer hobby and help the industry we all love. Always check the specifics of each assignment, including reimbursements and payouts, before accepting any job.

For the most current payment rates and opportunities, it would be best to visit the Secret Hopper website or contact them directly.